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During your consultation we work to understand your credit standing and come up with a game plan for you tailored to your financial success!

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After our call, Your soul will smile, and your journey will become clear as you finally have the words to answer: “Where do I go from here?” We will guide you through the process of submitting documents to dispute credit score issues.

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Once your documents are submitted, you can get results in 45 days. Our top priority is to help get your credit back on track and make sure you have a healthy score for the rest of your life.

How We Work

At KNK Credit Consultants, we want to help you boost your credit score
so you can finally live the life you want.

We Review Your Current Finances

During your consultation, we’ll review everything about your finances and build an understanding of your unique situation.

We Give You a Tailored Plan

Our goal is to help you understand your credit journey so you will be set up for success in the future. We will equip you with an action plan that will help you reach your immediate goals, and give you the guidance you need to continue to improve your credit score into the future.

Our goal is for our clients to become more informed about themselves after they speak with us.

We Get Your Credit Score Back in Track

We know that the thought of having a bad credit rating can be daunting. We are here to help guide you forward with the exact steps that will get you back on track. We not only know how to remove bad credit from your history, but also how to quickly build good credit – opening up a world of possibility for you!

KNK Credit Consultants:

The Right Strategies to Boost Your Credit Score

Is your credit score preventing you from living the life you want? Are you unable to buy your dream home, drive a new car off the lot, or invest in an exciting business venture?

The reality is that a low credit score can be damaging in more ways than one and can leave you feeling frustrated and hopeless.

Here’s the good news – your credit score doesn’t need to define you anymore.

KNK Credit Consultants makes your credit score our business. We’re a team of seasoned professionals who have helped hundreds of individuals get back to living a stress-free, rewarding life.

We’re Credit
Score Experts!

With years of experience in the credit repair industry, we have the intel and strategies needed to quickly and effectively raise your score, with results seen in 30-90 days.

Repairing your credit score means:

• Lower or zero interest on big purchases
• Quicker approval in the buying process
• Freedom to buy what you want, when you want it

With a good credit score the possibilities are endless.

Credit Management Service

KNK Credit offers a reputable credit repair plan to help you achieve your goals. You’ll pay a $249 first work fee, and then $125 monthly fee.

If there are any missed payments on your plan, it will be immediately terminated. If you cannot make a monthly payment for any reason, let us know 24-48 hours prior to your payment due date to cancel your plan at any time. You have two weeks to cancel your membership before your next payment. Please note that there are no refunds for previous payments.

We Help You Improve Your Credit Score

Bad credit can affect many areas of your life. It can be difficult to get a loan for a car or a home, get approved for a job, or even rent an apartment. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your credit score, don’t worry – KNK Credit Consultants is here to help! We are experts in helping people improve their credit scores and regain control of their finances. Contact us today for a free consultation!